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Fontaine®: Our Solutions and Products

Fontaine® is specialized in screen technology in the sugar industry since 1857. Find the right product for your application here.

After many years of close cooperation with Fontaine & Co to supply screens for sugar factories all over the world, Putsch® took over the management of the well-known Aachen-based screen manufacturer in 1953. The distribution of these screens has been considerably expanded. In the 70s the company opened up the US market under the management of the owner Mr. Ing. H. C. Radinger. The manufactured screen plates are used in centrifuges, filters and pulp presses of sugar factories all over the world.

Perforations reach up to 40 µm in precision fabrics manufactured with the latest technology in pure nickel, stainless steel, brass or copper.

Pulp press Screens


Multifunctional and robust

Our pulp press screens are applicable for all vertical and horizontal pulp press machines.

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Vacuum filter screens

Siebe für Trommeldrehfilter

Easy installation

Our vacuum filter screens are easy to install due to their plane and low tensioned execution.

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Cover screens for batch centrifuges

Decksiebe für diskontinuierliche Zentrifugen

Individual and customized

Our perforated cover screens for batch centrifuges are customized to your process.

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Nickel screens for continuous centrifuges

Siebe für kontinuierliche Zentrifugen

With a hard chrome surface

The conical perforation of our nickel screens lead to a high through put, low molasses purity and low degree of clogging.

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Backing screens


Double bridge backing screens, wire mesh and punched backing screens

Our backing screens are independent from any centrifugal manufactures, customized and available in any dimensions.

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